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ComNav Commander P2 - Mono Display, Fluxgate Compass & Rotary Feedback Autopilot [10110001]
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    ComNav Commander P2 - Mono Display, Fluxgate Compass & Rotary Feedback Autopilot [10110001]

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    Commander P2 Autopilot

    Engineered for Performance


    • Auto Learning using Intelligent Steering Technology - IST
    • Auto Setup - automatic drive detection, automatic pilot calibration & automatic compass compensation
    • Auto Sea State adjustment for reliability in all weather conditions
    • Sunlight Viewable TFT LCD or silver backed high contrast monochrome LCD
    • Work Mode - Superbly suited for professional performance on vessels requiring ultimate rudder response
    • Adjustments can be made "on the fly"
    • Advanced Power Features include automatic helm bias, automatic leeway control for minimizing course errors due to wind and tide
    • Proportional Rate Control to provide gentle smooth response at fast cruising speeds
    • NAV Mode provides adaptive precise track steering
    • NMEA 0183 input/output ports
    • Quick Turn Selection - continuous circle, U-turn, Emergency MOB to steer the Williamson-Recovery turn
    • FISH ZAG to allow the sport fisher to mimic the actions of live prey more closely
    • Simple touch 8 button illuminated keypad
    • Multi-language capability configurable in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Icelandic
    • Universal Mount - surface mount, flush mount or bracket mount
    • Waterproof - Control head to commercial grade IP67 standards
    • CE compliance for EMI and RFI immunity
    • Extended 3 year warranty
    • 9 level backlit LCD display
    • Color head gives you Red Night Vision mode for comfortable viewing in all conditions
    • Pre-defined parameter sets for full or semi-displacement, planning hulls, stern drives and sailboats
    • Multiple steering capability for Fast, Slow and Work modes
    • Simple to use course knob with mechanical detent
    • Multi-station capability with security station lock
    • Automatic trim
    • Adjustable yaw, turn rate and rudder settings
    • PORT and STBD dodge buttons for collision avoidance
    • Output for optional analog rudder angle indicator, up to 4 stations
    • Fully compatible with onboard NMEA instruments and most steering systems
    • Versatile Wind Mode for excellent sailboat steering


    • Control head (surface mount w/o knob): 6.1 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches (155 x 113 x 29mm). Cable 25' Head to SPU
    • Single Processing Unit: 10.2 x 7.3 x 2.9 inches (257 x 184 x 73mm)


    • Type: Parts
    • Box Dimensions: 6"H x 19"W x 19"L WT: 11.9 lbs

    Quick Guide (pdf)
    Owner's Manual (pdf)
    Brochure (pdf)