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Actisense Small Boat 8 Way Self-Contained Boat Network N2K [A2K-SBN-2] - The Rod Box

    Actisense Small Boat 8 Way Self-Contained Boat Network N2K [A2K-SBN-2]

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    A2K-SBN-2 Small Boat 8 Way Self-Contained Boat Network N2K

    Installing small NMEA 2000® networks is quicker and easier than it’s ever been with the Self-contained Boat Network (SBN) from Actisense.

    The equivalent of eight T-pieces in a single case provides a significant time and space saving with no more connecting multiple T-pieces together. Termination resistors are built in which increases the saving on time and space.

    Once the attached 3 metre cable is connected to the boats power supply, an NMEA 2000 network for up to eight devices is ready to use, taking ‘plug & play’ to the next level.


    • Self-contained NMEA 2000 Network
    • Integrated Termination Resistors
    • 8x NMEA 2000 drops
    • Ruggedized, flame retardant over-moulded housing
    • Metal coupling nuts
    • Integrated EMI Shield
    • Orange, UL Rated, 3M power cable
    • Colour coded wires, stripped and tinned


    • Low cost, quick to install, and provides an easy way to connect multiple NMEA 2000 devices
    • Simple installation, fewer components, more reliable, lower cost
    • Accommodates the vast majority of compact NMEA 2000 networks
    • Suitable for wet and harsh conditions- highly desirable in marine environments
    • Reliable, long lasting connections
    • Less likely to be susceptible to interference
    • UL rated cable provide peace of mind. Colour easily differentiates the power cable form drop cables
    • Quick installation, no special tools required

    Brochure (pdf)

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